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      HOTLINE : 400-8788-896

      ABOUT US


      About Kaydeli

      The US Kaydeli Group was established in Texas in 1966, USA. Kaydeli was set up the HK production base in 1996 named Kaydeli Group(HK) Co., Ltd. With the rapid development, Kaydeli move to Shenzhen Guangdong province and establish Shenzhen Kaydeli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd in 2012. (hereinafter referred to as Kaydeli) . Kaydeli designs, researches and develops, operates "Kaydeli" brand chiller, heat recovery unit, environmental chiller, laser chiller, cold oil machine, mold temperature chiller, low temperature freezer, we are professional in the engineering and manufacturing cooling and temperature control equipment. We are among top 10 in the cooling equipment field in China, introduce a lot of advanced technology from America,Japan, Germany, and also develop our own technologies, achieve several patents over the past decades.

      We got ISO9001:2008 factory qualification certification, CE of Chiller and CE of Screw type water chiller certification, also got the patent of the screw type chiller.

      Our clients from worldwide satisfied with our high quality products and after-service process, also we help them solve all kinds of technician problem with our professional engineer team who have 20 years experience average in chiller manufacturing, installation and innovation.

      Presently, we own most of domestic clients, like Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, HUAWEI, SINOPEC, FOXCONN and many universities like Shenzhen University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and etc.

      For global market, we had exported to America, Europe, Asia other countries, and Africa, we aim to develop worldwide service and production line in the global base, so can provide you a more convenient service


      • Enterprise Mission

        To provide healthy and comfortable living environment for all mankind

      • vision

        Become a global manufacturer of high-quality industrial water chillers

      • Corporate Values

        Creative Breakthrough in Safety Production, Careful Foundry, Intentional Service and Innovation

      • management idea

        Integrity, efficiency and quality win-win


      In the evolving competition and cooperation, Kaidley Company has been affirmed by users, strengthened its strength, achieved development, and then has the determination and confidence to become a world-class enterprise. Development also comes from the trust and support of investors. It is our duty and obligation to constantly create new values. Grasping all development opportunities and realizing his own development in creating social values are Kedley's persistence and conviction in the profound transformation of the new social market economy era. We are confident to contribute to the development of China's refrigeration equipment industry and act as the leader in the development.

      Finally, on behalf of the staff of Kedley in more than 30 countries all over the world, I thank you for your support and help to Kedley, and hope that the development of refrigeration equipment will grow healthier and faster in the new century.


      • September 2019

        Acquired "Corporate Integrity Certification 3A"

      • August 2019

        Obtained "product after-sales 5 star certification"

      • May 2019

        Acquired "CCTV Discovery Preferred Brand"

      • November 2018

        Increase Dongguan Dalang production base 8000㎡

      • March 2017

        Obtained the "Government Procurement Quality Supplier" certificate

      • May 2017

        Acquired "the preferred brand in the refrigeration industry"

      • May 2016

        Acquired EU CE certification

      • 8月 May 2015

        Obtained the "National Authoritative Testing Qualified Product" certificate

      • 8月 May 2014

        Obtained the "China High-tech Products" certificate

      • June 2013

        Obtained ISO international certification system

      • 2012

        Shenzhen Kaydeli Cold Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. was established

      • 1997

        Kaydeli Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established

      • 1996

        USA KAYDELI Group was established


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